Peter Gullerud is a self taught artist who presents a captivating and unique perspective in his works. His varied subject matter includes surreal landscapes, unique buildings, animated figures and tenderly portrayed wildlife. Many of his works have a mysterious story telling quality about them which allows the viewer to go on a personal imaginary journey. He uses oils and acrylics in his canvas paintings as well as a unique mixture of media in his drawings. His works suggest an unusual mix of elements reminiscent of Edvard Munch, van Gogh, Maynard Dixon, and Roger Dean along with his own unique surreal and expressive brush strokes.

Peterís expressive detail and technical gifts have been employed at the three top animation studios in Los Angeles: Hanna-Barbera, Disney Features and Warner Brothers Features. He rose up the chain at Disney becoming one of two prestigious visual development artists on the hit film Aladdin. After that, he remained a visual development artist on the Warner Brothers films Space Jam, Quest for Camelot and The Iron Giant. Mostly self-taught, his previous training includes various life drawing classes in Los Angeles, an editorial cartoon course from UCLA as well as a mail order cartoon correspondence course which began his career when he was a teen.

After 15 years of studio work, Gullerud began working directly with wildlife. He brings to his work the authenticity of working with Wildlife Educators and Tippi Hedrenís animals at the Shambala Preserve. He has hands on experiences with Siberian tigers, California black bears, binturongs, pigtail macaques, African elephants, wolves and many other exotics. After Peterís wildlife period, he began painting surrealist landscapes and continues to do that to this day. His paintings display a boundless imagination and storytelling ability that draws you into his works. As you are drawn in, you often discover surprising, hidden details within the picture that make a statement about our humanity, our planet and and the other beings we share it with. Some of the other creatures are totally original and reside solely within the surreal world of Peterís imagination.

In addition to his paintings, Peter is an accomplished illustrator creating many imaginative and whimsical drawings in his own unique fashion using ink, pencil and other media.

Peter Gullerud was born in Wisconsin and moved to California where he has spent most of his life. He resided in the quaint village of Pine Mountain Club, CA in the Los Padres National Forest for many years where his works were displayed in local businesses and sold throughout the country. Peter now resides in Taft, CA, another quaint town. Peter displays a concern for environmental issues and a compassion for all animals as evidenced in his works. He remains a member of the Animators Guild of America.